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Dubai/Emirate - Lizenzierungsservice für Ärzte

Wenn man in den Emiraten arbeiten will, muss man sich mit einer recht langwierigen bürokratischen Prozedur herumschlagen. Hier kann professionelle Unterstützung sehr hilfreich sein und den Ablauf erheblich beschleunigen. German Medicine Net bietet zusammen mit einer Partneragentur vor Ort einen Lizenzierungsservice bei der DHA (Dubai Health Authority) an. Die Lizenz gilt auch für andere Emirate. Preis: 999 Pfund Sterling (etwa 1200 Euro). Zu beachten: Alle Kommunikation findet auf Englisch statt. Im Folgenden finden Sie mehr Einzelheiten hierzu:

Information for Doctors Who Would Like to Work in Dubai

In order to work in Dubai it is essential that you have your DHA License in place FIRST before

we present your profile to the hospitals.


A lot of Doctors who we speak to are not initially comfortable with the idea of investing in the DHA licens-

ing process before being presented to hospitals. The DHA Licensing application is well known to be very rigorous and

complicated IF you are unfamiliar with the process. When Doctors apply for their DHA License independently,

the process can often take over a year due to lack of communication and understanding of the requirements.

This is why Dubai hospitals are unlikely to review UN-Licensed Doctors as they prefer interviewing

Doctors who can start work immediately. Even if you were able to obtain an employment offer from a

hospital, you are likely to loose your offer if the hospital comes across another Doctor who already

has the DHA License in place.


Over the years, we have invested a lot of time and effort in learning the entire DHA Licensing

process, fortunately we are now able to help many Doctors obtain their DHA License and then assist

them in finding excellent opportunities in Dubai.

What if I obtain my license and then can’t find a job?

The medical profession is an occupation that is always going to be needed. Doctors will always have

employment opportunities wherever they go. The ratio of Doctors to service users will always have an

in-balance. Have you ever had a problem securing employment in your own country? No? Then why

do you think it will be such a different situation in Dubai? There are over 20 large private hospitals

organisations and 5 large Government Hospitals in Dubai, not to mention all the private clinics.

Further more, there are 6 other Emirates that are also growing rapidly in Medical Toursim; Abu

Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain who are all governed under

a unified UAE Licensing process.